Monday, March 4, 2013


P participated in a Pinewood Derby in the boy's club he belongs to. He was very pleased with the way his car looked, he worked long and hard on the flames. He was a little disappointed in how it ran... he and grandpa are already plotting how to make one run better next year.


Here is a picture of the finished afghan being modeled by DD1. She likes it! It is nice and big; but not quite as cushy as the West Elm one. It was difficult getting a balance between soft and "not holey." When I did a test swatch (in the store, before I bought the yarn) she thought the larger hook made the fabric too holey. But, she spent her whole time here on Saturday wrapped up in it, and she packed it very carefully to take with her.


I am so glad her apartment does not have a good laundry room, because we get to see her more often!

I also wanted to show the finished Advent day 24, which I finished in the middle of February. I do like how this one turned out; the angels are very cool, and I love all the sheep on the hills.


Now I have to put it together. I have worked out in my head the way I want it to work, but I haven't checked to see if my ideas will work yet. I have decided to make pockets on a large banner, (it is going to turn out huge!) but I am wondering if I need a trim along the top of the pockets. If I do need anything, a trip to the fabric warehouse will be in order, they have a wonderful selection. I was also thinking of a ruched ribbon in the same color as the lettering and the background... decisions, decisions.

I started a baby blanket for the daughter of a friend, soft yellow, white, and navy(!). I won't be able to show that until after the shower at the end of April. It is straight knit (with a little bit of a turn, to make it interesting to look at) so I have to watch TV, or be at knitting group to work on it.

I am so happy spring is coming! It is lighter longer every day, and my friend Moonsilk Stitches, Jake and I have been going on a short walk every morning; I am amazed by what a difference that makes. I think we are over the hump for the winter blues. My dad was asking about how I was handling it; they won't be traveling to Arizona over the winter any more, so he will have to develop some strategies for dealing with winter in Grand Rapids.

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