Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Belated Halloween pictures

Sorry to be missing in action again... You have to be constantly on your guard against mood swings when you are fighting depression, and I let my guard down again. We have been busy though, with a lot of good things.

We went to a concert of Mozart music that concluded with the unfinished mass... simply breath-taking!

Two weeks ago we went to a Getty concert with good friends sponsored by Moody Radio; it was very enjoyable. This was the best of the pictures; I was trying to get a picture of the stage without using a flash; there is a reason this is small. It is terribly blurry.


After the concert came Halloween. C was Cleopatra: isn't she gorgeous? This is her with her teacher at the school Halloween Costume parade. Her teacher said, when she saw all of us, "I just love her!" Well, who wouldn't, but it was nice to hear from someone else.


Here's P as Captain America, ready to save the country. This is just before trick or treating, so he is a little impatient with me making him pose. (There are a lot more Halloween pictures on Flickr, if you are interested.)


Jake and I had our jobs too, handing out the candy. (I am sitting on his chain, otherwise he would have been trick or treating too, it looked like so much fun!)


Friday after Halloween we went to another concert at the Chicago Theater, Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull, again with good friends. There was not quite as much audience involvement at this concert, and I was not as familiar with the music (it was the Thick as a Brick album).

Saturday we went to Michigan for our annual Family get-together, and had a very nice time as usual. But I forgot to take any pictures. I would have had more fun if I hadn't had so much itinerary; I set up a display case in the lobby of the building my parents live in with a temari display, I started felting the requested slipper socks for my dad, but the machine water was not hot enough to finish the job, and family had requested beads and beading as an afternoon activity. I missed out on visiting with several siblings because of running around so much. (However, the display case looks amazing! Please send pictures.) I also neglected to get pictures of the slipper socks and a cowl I gave away. I guess I am getting forgetful.

This week we are going to eat at the restaurant fDSIL works at!

Next week is a local concert, and the week after that the Protege Philharmonic down-town. As I said, we are keeping busy.

My current knitting project is a pair of Nordic style mittens. I am loving the knitting process, and I am nuts about the way the mittens are turning out. Pictures soon, I promise!

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Moonsilk Stitches said...

We didn't have enough of a visit on Tuesday. I love the Halloween costumes. DH did the honors this year with the treats; I worked too late to get a single trick-or-treater. I did get to chat with the neighbors outside, which was fun. I love your new porch/steps. They look like a great candy disbersment location. And what's up with forgetting the camera? I've been doing it all the time, too. We need to figure out some sort of "reminder" trigger.