Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I have been knitting

I have completed a couple of things that I haven't shown yet. Here are a pair of mittens for my cousin. They are knit with linen stitch. I loved making them so much I decided to make mittens for myself as well (trying fair isle knitting). I hope she likes them. They are not quite the same size.


I started this shrug while I was on vacation in Iowa; it was good for knitting on while visiting. I like how it turned out. I wear it most mornings now that the house is chilly in the morning. It is an "at home" outfit, not for going out, even though I saw a character on TV wearing one very similar. (She was an information officer, not a fashionista.)

IMG_1873 IMG_1874

Several friends in my knitting group made this scarf, and one member had purchased the yarn and started it, but got frustrated. Each medallion is knitted from the outside to the center with 4 double-pointed needles. You pick up stitches from finished work so there is no sewing together when you are done, but in process it is a prickly twisted crumpled mess. It turned out pretty, though, didn't it?


These are not my colors, so I didn't want to keep it. I attempted to give it to the person who had given me the yarn, but she would not accept it. Someone else in the group was happy to take it, though.

Now I am working on slipper socks for my dad, and they are frustrating me. The only pattern I could find that might fit him* is felted, so you cannot tell as you go if they will be right or not. I am so glad someone asked me for knitting, so I really want them to turn out.

(He wears a size 12, but 13s feel so good he usually buys 14s. His joke, not mine.) 

I am trying to be good and not start something new until the slippers and the blue entrelac scarf are done...

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