Friday, June 8, 2012

Knitting Club

"Niting Club" was a lot of fun, and C learned to knit! Look at her progress!


And look at those smiles. Everyone at the group was very proud and impressed by how well she did. She came home and told her mama "you can knit too, mom, all you do is "in, around, through, off." That is the chant we said for each stitch. She stuck with it too, as you can see by the progress. (It is a scarf for Isabella.)

I did get a little time to work on my project:


It is also a scarf, worked in hexagonal motifs, picking up stitches from around the previous work so there is no seaming at the end.

Working from the outside to the center is what makes the cool spiral, but it is not the easiest knitting.


There are just a lot of sticks and a lot of skinny thread to deal with. The yarn does tend to fall off the needles, too, which usually means pulling out the motif and starting over. Luckily it doesn't take that long per motif! I am enjoying the knitting, but will probably give away the scarf. Are you interested?

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MOM said...

This sounds a little like the method grandma used for her afghans so she didnt have to sew the blocks together. Did you ever figure out how she did that?