Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another busy week

I had another busy week this week, with no pictures. Monday and Tuesday were restful, waiting for the kids to come back.

Wednesday was a big day, I had my annual check-up at Rush downtown. Everything went well, and the radiologist, the nurse practitioner, and my oncologist all congratulated me on being a survivor for 20 years! I took along 8 chemo caps, figuring there would be people at the doctor's office who could use them. In the waiting room I saw a young girl in a wheel chair with a bandanna/turban on and thought I should offer her a cap, but I was very nervous about approaching her. When I sat down, and put all my bags on the chair next to me, the bag with the chemo caps fell off the chair, pointing straight at her, so I took it as a sign. I showed her all of the caps, and I could tell by her eyes that she liked them, and really wanted one, but she was nervous about me too. Her helper was hesitant too. I told her that this was my way of celebrating my survival, so she picked one of the caps, and started pulling out her billfold. I told her, no, this was my gift, and she said thank you. Then, a minute later, after I sat back down, she turned around and said, "congratulations." I offered the rest of the hats to other patients through my nurse-practitioner, and she said there would be many who would be very grateful. (She tried one on too, and liked them a lot.)

While I was going to be up in the city for my doctor's visit, I had a chance to visit a former boss. He is in his 90s, but still going strong: when I got there he was leading the weights class! We had a very nice visit.

Thursday was kid's day: in the morning C and I went to knitting group. We didn't get as much done this week, C (and everyone else in the group) was feeling tired. However, when asked how knitting group went by grandpa, her response was: "Awesome!" In the afternoon we picked up some crafts for Father's day and went to see the movie Avengers. P is a big fan of the whole series, and has been helping me get ready.  I have been preparing for this for a couple of weeks by watching Iron Man I, Captain America, and Thor; I still have to see Iron Man II and the Hulk, but I could make sense of the movie without those two. I really enjoyed the movie, and found myself grinning at the screen on several occasions. The theater was chilly, but C fell asleep on my lap, and helped to keep me warm.

Friday I finally was able to order the food for our church's food pantry on-line. It is a lot easier to order that way! Next week is the Hunger Walk, and I will be participating. If you would like to contribute, let me know! Our pantry is "Our Daily Bread Food Pantry" of Emmanuel Church. You can find information about the Hunger Walk here.

In the afternoon we went, with a group of friends, to the Beyond the Score concert at Symphony Hall down town. The first half of the event was information about Beethoven and about the music we were scheduled to hear, the themes, and how they fit together, presented in a very interesting format, almost like a mini play. Then after the intermission, we heard the 5th Symphony, and I enjoyed it, and understood it like never before. After we got back to town, we went out for supper with some of the same friends to one of our favorite restaurants.

Life is Good!


Laura B said...

Jane, I am happy that things went well for you. Sounds like you had a wonderful week!
Best for you and yours!

Lelia said...


20 years!!!! That is terrific.

Awww, enjoyed reading about the chemo caps. What a special thing to do for others. You are a blessing.

LW Warfel said...

What great news, Jane! It's a great club to be a member of, isn't it?