Friday, February 24, 2012

Handwork on Vacation

I did a lot of knitting on the trip, and some stitching as well. Here are my knitting projects. Someone gave our knitting group a kit to make chemo caps, 6 skeins of thread, 2 circular needles and a set of double pointed needles, and instructions for the hat, for a toe up socks cast on, and stitching with 2 circular needles. I made the blue one first, and I didn't believe that there would be enough yarn to finish the pattern. So that one turned out a little small. Then I made the brown one; you can see there is less yarn left over, and it fits very well. The third one is the green one on the right side. That one is already done, and the brown one and green one have already found a new home with someone who is going through chemotherapy. I can't believe how good it felt to be able to help someone who's going through all that.


I started an orange one, too, and I'm working on the brim. The work up quickly. I enjoy the yarn so much, (it is a cotton yarn with a lot of elasticity), that I ordered several more skeins. I got some pink, some more blue, some more brown, and some blue-green. I think several people in my knitting group are going to want to take some of the balls. (It is very reasonable yarn, each ball is only $2.98!)

Here is the Brazilian embroidery pattern I got. Once I start it, it shouldn't take too long to finish it, but there are sooo many projects I want to do, I really don't want to start another one. I am going to have to get going on some of the projects though, so I can start this.


Here's my TAST sampler: I will make a separate post to talk about the stitching, but I am quite proud that I am not falling behind on this. The cretan stitch and the detached chain stitch sections are done, and I had a lot of fun playing with them.


I have been trying to read some of the over 600 blog posts and 300 e-mails that accumulated while I was gone. I have a feeling that that is where a lot of my stitching time goes when I am home. I also uploaded another 250 pictures from vacation... I better get going on it.

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Miss Holly said...

Oh do I ever love your sampler!!!! I have been thinking of doing a stitch sampler for a long time and I think now I may have to....what you have done is beautiful!!!!! Can not wait to see what is next!!!