Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Nothing big to share today, but a bunch of little things.

DD1 came and spent the day on Saturday, helping me clean to get ready for Thanksgiving. I am Very thankful for her help, and the kitchen looks great! I got a good start on the dining room today too, so things are progressing. DD1's SO "C" (got that?) is going to do most of the cooking for Thanksgiving, so we want to have a clear field of operations for him.

Once the dining room was cleared out, I was able to look at the fleece I had left over from the bass cover. I was planning on making a bathrobe for P with the remnants from that because he has grown out of the bathrobe I made him several years ago. I think I have enough square inches of fleece to make the pattern (although he is a lot taller than I thought), but I cannot get the pieces out without too many seams, so I will have to buy some more material. Now I have the fleece out for C's bathrobe, so the next step there is to pin down the pattern and cut it out.

Here are two test flowers for my hydrangea purse:


These are both the same pattern, with the same size of yarn. The top one is felted, the bottom one, it turns out, is acrylic, which didn't do anything when I tried to felt it. It took about 3 minutes to felt the top little flower, and I was able to do it in my hands, just scrubbing it together, so that is going to be a fun way to do the felting. One down, 26 to go! LOL (The background is one of the fleece remnants.)

When I got the mail in, this had arrived:


I have bunches and bunches of sock yarn, and no plans (or even ideas) for what to do with it. (I don't wear traditional socks.) The contents of the book list Hats and Caps, Mitts, Gloves, and Cuffs, Socks, Scarves and Neck Warmers, Shawls, shrugs, Knits for kids and Doll clothes, Bags and purses, Wearables, and For the home. That should keep me busy for a while!

I stitched a couple of snowflakes for guild tonight, but I still have to put those together.

Here's my buddy, trying to be good, sort of.


His name is Jake. I am being much too active today for his routine, which calls for a 6 hour nap around now. In the picture he is asking for a cuddle without being too obvious about it.

All I have left on the hat for DD1 is the brim, so that is coming along nicely as well. I better get busy!

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Debi said...

Oooo Jane! That is a great book. I got it a few weeks ago and have been knitting ever since! I've made up several of the fingerless gloves and a scarf so far. I have yarn for one of the shawls next. Hope you enjoy it like I have.