Monday, October 3, 2011


I love making doilies... but they do not fit into my lifestyle. DH will tell you that any horizontal surface is an invitation for clutter, so even if I had places to put doilies, they would get covered by stuff. So I was thrilled when I saw a floor doily on the internet some time ago. I immediately got out some of my old crochet books (The pattern I picked came from a magazine issued in 1991! I knew it would come in handy.).


This went so fast it was almost scary, and it turned out too big for the place I was going to put it. The color was for my bathroom, but I do not have this much floor space in my bathroom.


It will probably go on the floor in my bedroom, (on the old shag carpet) along with the braided rug vrom my grandma and a felted/embroidered rug I got from ebay from India.

I have to get going. I have a big project to do this week. DH bought an upright bass, and it needs a cover so we can store it at church. As "seamstress for the band" I accept this challenge!

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