Thursday, October 13, 2011

Completed Project

I promised pictures of the upright bass, and of the cover when I finished it. Here is DH playing and talking at the same time. (He's so talented!)


Here is the bass in all its uncovered glory:


And here is the cover. I wanted it to blend into the background, so I made it as plain as possible. It does need a couple more stitches, where I got my seam allowance a little too narrow, but I am very happy with how it turned out. The outer layer is cotton duck... which is why it looks a little wrinkled, and the inner layer is a tan fleece, to protect the instrument. It is much easier to slip on and off than the gig bag, which takes two people.


On my way to an appointment yesterday I passed Tomorrow's Heirlooms, a very nice needlework shop in the Chicago area, that I have not been to in years. I decided to stop there on my way back, just to see if anything would grab me, not thinking that I would find too much... maybe just a gift for my secret stitcher. Well, I should have known better.

They had balls of DMC #5 pearl cotton! Drawers of them! DMC stopped selling #5 on balls several years ago, and now we have to depend on skeins. Each skein has less thread than a ball, and the skeins tangle. I went a little nuts. Still, I got less than 1/2 the colors she still had in stock, even though I wanted one of each.


When the shopkeeper saw me loading up on these, she asked "Do you make temari?" Umm, yeah! You need long threads for stitching temari, and these are fantastic.

If you would like me to pick some up for you, let me know! The shop is not too far from DD2's house, so I will be back there.

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