Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A beginning Stitcher

I have time each Sunday morning to stitch on my Advent Calendar. It has been several months now that C has been referring to it as "our" sampler. I usually let her pick what I will stitch on next, and she can follow along on the pattern what I am stitching.

This past Sunday she plopped down on my lap, and took over (most of) the stitching. We had an area to fill in, so it was straight stitching. She would take each stitch on the top, and pull the thread through on both the top and the bottom stitches. She stuck with it for almost an hour!


In the car today I was stitching on a different project, and she was very curious about it. She studied the pattern and approved of it: "It has lots of pretty colors!"

I think I will have someone to eventually take over my stash! I'm so happy!


Laura B said...

What a wonderful picture, you both look beautiful and happy together. There is just nothing like a grand daughter.

LW Warfel said...

Love that you're passing on your stitching gift to your granddaughter!