Friday, September 23, 2011

Twirling Triangles

I finished a temari this week, and it was very satisfying. I found a picture in the Kii temari book (page 14, number 7, if you want to look at the original). There was also a diagram, but that was not very helpful, I mostly followed the picture. It is a 32 face/facet temari. While I was stitching on it, it looked very much like a soccer ball, but adding the brown bands changed the look considerably. I am so glad I didn't stop stitching; I was very tempted to call it quits, but the bands really transformed it.

The pentagons and hexagons really needed to be stitched more densely, and with more rounds, and I may still go back and tack down the brown bands in the pentagon centers, the bands bend around those centers, and tend to want to migrate a little bit.


I didn't get a picture before I started the brown bands, but I took one during the stitching, just because things were changing so dramatically.


I think I will be stitching this one again, probably in different colors, just because I want to improve my stitching, and because it is so cool. (I might start with a smaller mari, and use pearl #8.) As you can see, this is quite a large mari. Bold and beautiful!

While I was stitching, I kept thinking of this variation, and that variation. I am hoping, right now, to do a series of 32 face/facet temaris, just to see what I can come up with.