Monday, September 19, 2011

The Knitting on the small purse is done

I finished on Saturday, and took care of all the loose ends this morning. It was so much fun to knit! It was like a puzzle. When I read the instructions, I sort of understood what I was to do, but didn't see the point of it until I did it.

I was knitting fast, so I could finish before I ran out of yarn. There were just a couple of yards of cream left, and two little balls of blue. The pattern called for 500 yards, , I bought 660 yards, so at least it worked out.


This close-up shows some of the detail. You won't really be able to see the shaping until it is felted, and I want to wait to do that until my big bag is knit, so I can do both at the same time.


The pattern for the big bag calls for 1600 yards of yarn, and I bought 1760. I hope I have enough!

I used some of my left-over yarn to wrap maris. I really don't want a lot of little bits of yarn left over... I am glad I have a good way to use them.

I didn't start on the big bag yet, because I over-did it on Saturday. When I knit for too long, I think I stress the tendon that attaches to my shoulder blade, and I get a sharp pain. I didn't knit anything yesterday, and my back feels a lot better today. Maybe that's a hint to finish a temari?