Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Museum Pictures

Each year, when we do our Chicago outing, we get a souvenir picture from the attraction we are visiting. This year we got separated into two groups when we reached the picture area, so only some of the participants got in the picture: Back row: DD2, DD1SO, DD1, DH, front row: P & C.


(I am getting a real kick out of C: her expression looks like she really has been captured! LOL)

When we got home DD2 found this picture from 2005:


(There were more people in our group that year, but we had gotten separated as well. I think my folks and DD1 were there.)

P had a wonderful time at the museum that time: he and I spent a lot of time in the kids room where they had a river with waterworks and balls floating down stream. You could throw and pour and splash, and it was all very interesting. Everyone had fun this time as well, and P & C did not want to leave when it was supper time, because they had not seen everything. I don't think it is ever possible to see everything in one day, but we sure had fun trying.

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