Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Concert on Friday night

Last Friday night we went to a concert in Chicago (at the Chicago theater) with good friends. DH and I picked up the tickets, but did not have to drive or do any of the additional planning. We had a wonderful time! We got to the area with plenty of time, enough time to enjoy a beverage at a restaurant across the street, and then crossed to the theater.

It was a rainy evening, but it just dampened the streets, not our spirits.


(Can you see the Joffry Ballet next door to the theater? You could see people practicing their dancing through the windows.)

The artist was Alison Krause and her band Union Station, with guest artist Jerry Douglas on the dobro. The music was amazing! out of this world. The band consisted of Alison on the fiddle, upright base, guitars and/or banjos and/or mandolin, and the dobro, with occasional help with keyboards and drums. It is Bluegrass, and I loved it! Much of the music was from the Brother, Where Art Thou? movie, and one of the singers was the singing voice of Clooney in the movie.


Here is a very overexposed cellphone picture. I forgot my camera at home!
You wouldn't think a solo on the dobro would be very interesting, but we were mesmerized for the entire intermission. The concert was 2 hours long, and it went by in a flash. I would definitely be interested in seeing Alison again.

Thank you, friends, for your company at the concert, and on the trip up and back. (DH is shopping for an upright base!)

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