Monday, July 25, 2011

No pictures today

I took a couple of pictures over the weekend, but the SD card is not speaking to the computer. On Saturday evening we went to a Windy City Thunderbolts baseball game, and it was a lot of fun. The tickets and the food were very reasonable, the company was excellent, and the home team won! The fireworks at the end were nice too, and made up a little bit for missing fireworks on the 4th.

I am working on several projects that I cannot show, and a couple more that really do not look like much yet. One of the in-progress pieces is a small pouch with some velvet embellishment. I am at the point now that it needs some bling. I asked C if she wanted to look for some beads with me, and she was half way up the stairs before I got out of my chair! She knew exactly where to look in the stash room for the jar I keep my extra beads in too. It was as much fun watching her as it was looking for the beads. The first couple of times I held a bead up to the pouch to see if it matched, and after that she held every bead up for matching. I think we need to get some paints for making a mess making colors, just so we can learn how colors work.

I started my lacy shawl (one of the projects that does not look like much). I was doing great on it, working seed stitch, until I said to myself "This is going good!" Then I got a mistake that has been messing me up, and that I still have to take out. That will teach me not to get cocky!

C also found her rainbow cross stitch project. She is very good at reading a pattern (she can follow along with my project) but is still working on figuring out where to put the needle into the material. She enjoys it, though, and sticks with it for quite a while when she stitches. DH has a picture on his phone that I am hoping to share soon.

Today is P's 9th birthday! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

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