Thursday, July 21, 2011

Felted Bag

Here is my finished felted bag. It is much better than in the last picture, but I am still not sure how useful it will be. Today is Thursday (right?, I have to check) and I felted this on Monday, and it is still not totally dry! I felted it in my washing machine, in a small load with a couple of towels, and I ran it through the wash cycle twice without draining the hot water.


Because of all the embellishment around the top edge of the bag, it is 1) very heavy; 2) still quite floppy, not staying open when you need it to. I love the way it looks, though.

Only one of the flowers deformed during the felting, I must not have caught the center when I stitched it down. A couple of stitches will fix this right up.


I started my lacy shawl the other day, working on the seed stitch border, but after several rows I pulled it out, because I could not tell if I was doing it right or not. So I used up the rest of my colorful cotton yarn and made a seed stitch dish cloth yesterday. This is it being inspected by Alli Cat. (You can see the rest of the cats in my Flickr account here.) I think I will be able to knit seed stitch in my thin black yarn now, but I need total silence to concentrate. It will have to be in the morning, after the dog goes to bed, and before the cats get up.

Alli Cat

I will use the little left of this yarn to wrap a mari.

I hope you are staying cool! It is hot here...


Moonsilk Stitches said...

I try to felt things to the point where I cannot see the individual stitches. I think they're sturdier then and that may solve some of your floppy problem. You could always try felting the bag again. I dried mine in the drier, both times. After the second felting I didn't have any towels to dry with it and the bag didn't get completely dry in the drier. Boy, it took three more days to dry!

Moonsilk Stitches said...

By the way, I really think it's pretty and I love the flowers!

geeky Heather said...

Well, I don't know if it will be useful or not, but it is AWESOME! =)

karen said...

I love the way it look too.....isn't that all that matters?? Floppy?? who cares!