Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two finished projects!

I have two projects to share with you today. The first is a small stitched notebook cover that was a guild project for HEG, designed by my friend Moonsilk Stitches. The little dragonfly is made from memory thread, the little flowers are ribbon, and the whole thing is made out of felt. I didn't follow the directions very carefully, and ran out of thread to make the top and the bottom edging the same, but I like it a lot, all the same. I think it will be very useful in my purse.


I also finished my kitchen hand towel.


The skein of this thread I bought is huge, so you will see more projects as well. I am thinking dishcloths?

I have two outings planned for this week. Tomorrow I am going to a yarn shop with my knitting group! I decided on Sunday I would like a lacy black shawl to put over my shoulders in church... I have never knit lace, but there is no time like the present to get started. I was having fun today looking for lacy shawl patterns on line, and I found several I like, but I won't decide on one until I see what they have at the store.

On Friday I am going to the Midwest Fiber Festival, knitting, felting, spinning, etc. I am getting more and more excited about that. You know how much I like felt! I will try to get pictures and I will share my adventures with you!

Talk to you later!

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Lelia said...

lovely needlebook! I remember Marjorie had a post about them.

Enjoy Friday - sounds like a wonderful festival to attend. tell all when you get home ; )