Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day on the town

We had a wonderful outing on Wednesday to Sheep's Clothing in Valparaiso. This was our group. We traveled in two cars. You can see that it was a nice sunny afternoon. It showered while we were in the shop, but I barely noticed, I was so busy shopping.


This is the result of some of my shopping, my skeins are being wound into yarn cakes. Don't you love the color?


I ended up planning 3 projects. This project is for a felted tote bag. The turquoise is the main color, but it has crocheted flowers, leaves, and tendrils all over the top.

I ordered some gorgeous yarn and a knitting book to make my black lacy shawl. I will have to do some practice swatches to learn the pattern before I start knitting with my good yarn. I hope I have not bitten off more than I can chew. I will share my swatching progress. My "Knitting for Dummies" book has a simple lace sampler, so I am thinking it would be a good plan to work that, just to be clear on the different stitches needed for knitting lace.

My third project is a double knit scarf, you can see the pattern here. This is a complex project too, so it might take a while. There is enough yarn for 2 scarves, and there are two patterns I like so that works out great. People in my knitting group know how to make this, so if I run into trouble I know where to get help. I have the yarn for the tote bag, so that will be the first one to start... or I could start the lace swatching.

(In the mean time, I have an urgent request to make a pom-pom humming bird. I will try to get progress pictures of that as well.)

I finished the SAL (Stitch-along) temari from 4 weeks ago this morning. This is a kiku stitch on a s16, alternating regular and modified stitches on the alternating petals. One side started light and went to the dark.


This side started dark and went to the light.


The stitching was so intense on this, there is not room for any obi stitching. I love this set of nile green; it is DMC 910, 911, 912, 913, and 954. There is a 909 (darker) in the series, but I am not sure it comes in a Pearl #5. I remember using this color as the main color in a baby sampler (years and years ago).

I am please with how this one turned out. Now to the next one on the list! I still have to complete my GITS exchange! I better get busy.


LW said...

Love the variegated look on the green temari. Also love your smile in the photo! It's fun to do what you're gifted to do.

Lelia said...

YAY! Thx for contributing to our town's economy. I see shopping bags!!!

It is a terrific yarn store (for sure) + usually very busy.

I look forward to your progress with new stash.

(nice of the weather to cooperate)

I'm enjoying these flower makers - it is a nice way to use up bits of fabric scraps and flower looms for fibers.

Temari Addict Australia said...

Hi Jane,

Your temari is gorgeous. That looks like a lovely yarn shop your group visited

karen said...

I love a good shopping trip. I am going to London for 5 days next week...hope my husband doesn't check the bank statement!!