Friday, June 3, 2011

Not a lot of Stitching

Hello, not a lot of stitching going on here. I have been trying to remember what I have been doing this week, and I cannot think of it! Tuesday is a blank. There was yoga class, and I think that was it.

Wednesday I goofed off a lot, and then I walked to the village Farmer's Market, and earned a new shopping bag. I picked up some tomatos, some rhubarb, a couple of things from the baker and a couple of pieces of cheese. That evening we had a salad with the tomatos and grated cheese in it. The cheese was amazing! 4-year old cheddar. I haven't even tasted the smoked gouda yet. Maybe I will have some for lunch today.

Thursday was a busy day. In the morning I went to my knitting group and started this:


It will become a hobo bag. This is cotton yarn, and it is stitching up amazingly fast. I got a huge ball, and there should be enough to make a couple of kitchen hand towels and maybe even a dish cloth or two.

There were lovely projects being made, and I would love to start all of them! Several people were making baby booties and bibs, 2 people were working on a very nice afghan pattern, nice and thick and cozy (and crocheted). Someone started a cute fuzzy scarf, and then started it over with different needles, and someone else is working on a very nice shrug. There was also a nice shawl that looked quite simple. So many ideas, so little time!

After knitting group my former workmates took me to lunch and gave me this:


It has a lovely inscription on it, and the globe rotates with solar power! (It just now got light enough for the rotation to begin again.) Thank you so much!

(I keep picturing one of my temari on it, rotating! I wonder if you can get the bases by themselves?)

Then, last night while I was cooking supper I chipped the rotating tray in the microwave, badly enough that it really needs to be replaced. DH found the part through Amazon, and it is winging it's way to us.

So as you can see, nothing earth shattering, but keeping busy. I have to leave now, to work in our church food pantry, another new experience. I am making slow progress on the Holland Springtime Mandala, but have been spending a lot of time on the computer. E-mail and blogs are a connection to all of you, and games are a big time waster!

I will talk to you later!

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