Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Several weeks ago, when we were out and about, we picked up a butterfly house for C (and some legos for P!). The house came with an order form, which involved some excruciating wait, but soon enough a package with 5 little worms arrived at C's house. The worms ate and ate, and soon became big worms, and then they attached themselves to the ceiling and went to sleep, emerging a couple of days later:

(Their feet tickle when they walk on you, so C likes to hold them on a stick.) You can tell from the expression that it was a very successful experiment.

The butterflies turned out to be painted ladies, and I was surprised. I have stitched a painted lady butterfly in my Flower Power. I wonder if C will recognize it when she comes?


This is my progress on Holland Springtime Mandala. As you can see, I have been goofing off, not getting this done.


I am enjoying the goofing off, though.


Laura B said...

How cute is that, love the butterfly, and the stitched one as well.

karen said...

you will probably think I am strange but I really don't like butterflies!! I know, I'm probably the only person in the world!

MOM said...

I tried to post yesterday but the computer didn't cooperate. Did you know the meaning of the Word of the Day?: phycology? I rarely look at them but did then and said to myself: my Jane knows that!!!1

Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

what a wonderful project for children! wonderful cross stitch projects!