Friday, May 20, 2011

Progress on turtles, about as slow as they are

I am making slow progress on the turtles. Here is a handful of parts to make the scissors weight. I was so afraid I was going to lose something because these parts were so small. I was keeping them in a baggie, just so they wouldn't get caught on anything.


It took a little pulling and I broke the thread once from stitching so tightly, but here is the smallest of the turtles. He is called a scissors weight because the cord allows you to connect him to your scissors to help keep track of them. He doesn't weigh very much though. I am wondering if I should have put a dime inside to make him a little more substantial.


I am very pleased, though, with how he turned out. Here he is with his big brother. They will be close, because the pocket on the bigger one is to hold the scissors the little one is attached to. Best friends!


I finally located the pattern I was looking for to finish March--Daffodil on my Monthly Flower sampler. It felt so good to stitch on a temari last night! I hadn't stitched on one for a couple of weeks! I finished wrapping another base last night and started najiri (interlocked) squares on a new one. I have to run to the grocery store now, but I hope to work on it this afternoon.


The sun is out! It is a beautiful day. I hope you have a good one.

(C is having oral surgery today. I heard from DD2, and things are going well, but we are concerned. Pray that everything will turn out.)

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