Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flowery Goodness

This weekend, when DD2, and P&C arrived, they were bringing gifts! I love the springy flowers they brought, and I love the thought and caring that went into their selection. DD2 is making baby steps toward getting stronger, as well, way to go sweetie! Thank you!


I finished stitching the "tulip meadow" on my Holland Springtime Mandala, but did not get a picture of it this morning, plus there are already plenty of pictures in this post. I will make sure to get an overall picture when I pick it up again, hopefully in a week or so. You can tell I am not too good at doing a rotation. For me it tends to be "out of sight, out of mind." That's one of the reasons my sewing/craft room is so messy. I can find everything, but I get afraid that if I organize and put away everything, I will forget I have it. Of course, right now I can hardly get into the room, so there must be a happy medium somewhere.

I didn't lose this sashiko stitching that I did a couple of months ago. I had picked up a pillow form for it, so yesterday I put it together. I am very pleased with how it turned out. It is a little plump pillow, but very cute! I think it took less than an hour to put together, but of course, the sewing machine was already out.


When that was done, I looked into my sewing basket, next to my stitching chair, and found it very organized! (I was surprised, like I said, out of sight, out of mind.) I had stashed my stitched turtle backs there, with the supplies I had purchased to finish them, and one of the next projects I want to start. I looked at the instructions to "finish" the turtles, and started to get overwhelmed and put them away, but then I said to myself, "what does the first paragraph say?"

Well, the first paragraph said to trim the embroidery, and cut out 2 lining pieces and two interfacing pieces. Well, I could do that, so I did. Then the next paragraph, and the next, and by the end of the evening, I had this!

IMG_0520 top

IMG_0521 bottom (the poor turtle has fallen, and cannot get up!)

Taking it one step at a time made the instructions very easy to follow, and I am quite pleased with this little fellow. Now to finish the other 3.

Our family always says "Off like a flock of wild turtles" when we leave to go somewhere, so this little flock is an appropriate image for us. I would like the shell to be a little more domed, but I think I know how to accomplish that with the next one. I am going to run out of the dyed thread it calls for, though. I will have to look for a substitute if I do run out, or pick some more up this weekend. It is Weeks Dye Works, color Juniper. I had ordered the coordinating felt (woven wool, felted) and the very turtly looking lining fabric, which you will see better on the needle-book turtle. This one has a little pocket under the shell to store things, probably a very short scissors would fit there perfectly.

When I was just getting going on the turtle yesterday afternoon, there was a knock on the door, and when I went to look there was a box on the front porch:


Beautiful roses, from a former co-worker, saying that she misses me! Aren't they beautiful! Thank you so much D!

Missing the people I worked with every day is the worst part of staying home, but the best part... Look at everything I got done yesterday! There are plans afoot for fun outings too. Mom, my 2 sisters and I live in 3 different states, but we are talking about getting together for a day. We shall have to see if we can work it out. Plus a day out with Moonsilk-stitches. I'm so excited!


karen said...

So many beautiful flowers!! I do hope you manage to sort out your family get together...

Temari Addict Australia said...

How lucky to receive such lovely flowers. I adore your sashiko pillow. Snap with your craft room situation. Mine calls to me day and night to come tidy it up, I've got so much stuff now it is oozing out onto our lounge room coffee table.