Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday Present

I knew I was going to make this pattern again, it turns out so lovely. We were invited to a surprise birthday party for a friend, and since she likes purple, I thought I would make this for her. She liked it!


I haven't been writing much the last couple of weeks, because not much is happening. Weatherwise we are struggling to get past winter. The past couple of days, and the next week are all forecast to be well below normal for this time of year. I went to the funeral of the wife of a close friend. I am preparing to teach a all day workshop on temari tomorrow. I hope that each person who attends will finish 2 temari, and will have a good start on the third one. DD2 and C spent a couple of days with us last week, and C started a little cross stitch kit. She is not stitching on her own, but will concentrate for 5 or 10 stitches before going on to the next thing. I picked up a little woven pouch so we can keep her project safe and together.

Last weekend we looked at model trains.
DH is interested in doing some modeling, and at this point is doing research and talking to people to try to decide the size and subject he would be interested in working with.

I am continuing to think about and plan my flower sampler temari. I have February, April, June, August and September done, with Violets, Cherry blossoms, Rose, Water Lily and a Sunflower. I am thinking of Carnation for January, if I can find a nice pattern. The pattern I thought I found, now that I look at it more closely, looks more like a passion flower. For March, I was thinking a daffodil. April? May is Lily of the Valley. July is morning glory. October? November is Chrysanthemum, and December is Poinsettia.

I hope all your projects are turning out wonderful, and are giving you a lot of satisfaction!

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Laura B said...

Beautiful!! I love this temari too, and I've given all mine away as well. Your friend will love this.