Saturday, February 19, 2011

Temari on vacation

The first week of vacation I hardly picked up a needle. I did follow the TalkTemari video stream on Saturday morning. The subject was swirls, and I was inspired. I made a base from materials my mom had on hand (plastic bags as a base, some thread she had in her stash, and the variegated DMC pearl I had picked up at JoAnn's).

Now that I have listened to the second installment of the class, I see where a lot of improvements could be made, but the temari is in Arizona, and I am not!


I did a demonstration of temari for the Red Hat Chilis of Sun City. (They were waiting for the picture to be taken, so they could take their red hats off! LOL)


To fit in, I wore purple and a red hat as well. (People say I look like my mom... what do you think?)


Everyone was very interested, and I think a couple of people might try it. I drew a name for the valentine temari I made last week, and Nelvia won it.

This is the temari I stitched during the class. I didn't quite finish it during the class, but I finished it when we got back home, and I left it in Arizona for my Aunt Flossie. I hope she enjoys it.


I had been working on the marking for a 472 center temari even before we left on vacation, and I picked it back up after the class... and discovered that I had been doing it wrong. I was probably 90% done with the marking. I had been dubious about how I was doing right from the beginning, so I should have checked earlier. I wrapped over the whole thing and started over. Unfortunately, I didn't have any black thread, so it is green now, with white sewing thread as the marking.

I was stitching it in the airport and on the plane, and I got a lot of interest, and several questions about what I was doing. I don't think I had ever stitched temari in public before. I think I will do more of it though, people were very interested. It is going to take a long time to finish this one. It is the one from Nana Akua that looks like a granny square afghan, but I will save pictures for another time.


Beth said...

Yep, you look like your Mom!! I have only been coming to your blog for about six months now, but so far, the swirl temari is my favorite!! Of course, that is my favorite color family, so that helps, but I really like the swirls too!!

MOM said...

And Mom is very grateful to have that beautiful temari in AZ! I keep saying: it's one of my favorites. I've been looking at it a lot and trying to find the N and S poles. Thanks again for coming, hon. Aunt Flossie is very pleased to have one and Uncle J was still interested in how they come about.

MOM said...

And I am very pleased to have it here! I love it. I have been studying it to see where the N and S poles are, but am not sure I can find them.

Temari Addict Australia said...

You both have the same lovely kind and cheery face.