Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This is the north pole of the temari I showed last week. We are doing a stitch along, so I waited for people to catch up before I showed this guy, isn't he cute? I thought a water lily flower was appropriate for him to sit on, even though it should have been a lily pad.


He still needs his eyes stitched.

I will take a picture tomorrow of the progress on my Holland Spring-time sampler. I cannot put that thing down, and I am loving it.

The HSTS (Holland Spring-time Sampler, I am getting tired of typing that!) uses 4 different types of silk embroidery floss, and I love working with them. I dipped my hand into a bag of silk floss the other day, after wearing wool mittens for a while, and the sensation was heavenly! I love working and playing with silk. But I was very surprised by one of the flosses. The Gloriana thread (2 or three different colors now) has shredded while I was stitching with it. The first time I thought maybe a cat had gotten into it over night, but the second time it happened without me taking a break. I will have to use much shorter lengths of that thread to prevent it happening again.

I have discovered (again!) that I am missing another skein/color for this project. There are no shops within reach during the winter months, so I will have to either mail-order again, paying, probably, more in shipping and handling than the floss costs, or I could go to Mesa, Arizona to pick up a skein.

I think I will do that! I am looking for Needlepoint Inc. Silk, color 941. It is a light pink.

Actually, we are going to Arizona in February to celebrate my mom's birthday, leaving in less than 2 weeks. I am so excited! Getting to go to Attic Needlework is just frosting on the cake. Planning for everything is reaching monumental proportions!


Temari Addict Australia said...

Aha it's a turtle... did you just hear the penny drop?

Laura B said...

A Handsome turtle he is!!

carolsylvester said...

Hi Jane--your turtle is VERY cute. Would you be willing to share the pattern with a beginning temari maker? I collect turtles, and would love to make temari turtle for my collection!

Carol S.

Jane said...

Carol, this was a Stitch-Along on the Talk Temari yahoo group, if you join that group you can access this and many other patterns and fun. Follow the links on TemariKai to sign up.

Moonsilk Stitches said...

I think Gloriana may be a rayon fiber--it sounds like one I used for Brazilian and they're all variegated and rayon. Hence evil and fraying. Very cool Turtle!