Friday, January 21, 2011


I was looking around on-line last week, and ran across a sale of these gorgeous threads. They are Valdani pearl cotton, size 8, and they were on clearance at Maureen's Vintage Acquisitions. I have been admiring (drooling over) the 3 strand embroidery floss that has been available for a Quaker Sampler, but I did not want to get another Quaker sampler for my stash; but now a chance to get these, on sale, to be used for temari? DH will tell you I kind of went over board.


These are also Valdani threads, but they are silk, and are equivalent to a size 12.


Just lucious. My only regret was that C was not there when the package arrived. She would have been as excited about the package as I was about the threads.


Moonsilk Stitches said...

I was drooling over them yesterday--they're just gorgeous. I did think they'd be lovely for temari. Good color choices!

Beth said...

Those are really beautiful threads! I did a long stitch project once using the size 8 threads and really enjoyed it! I could see me getting hooked on those lovely colors!