Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sampler Temari, all 12 faces

I took pictures of my sampler temari this morning. I used pins to keep track of the faces I had already photographed, so if you see a pin, that is what it is for.

Purple & Green: two kiku stars, different sizes, layered.
Blue: two five-point Kiku stars, interwoven. I was trying to do something different with the color arrangement.
Green & pink: two stars, interwoven.


Blue: two stars, interwoven descending herringbone.
Coral: "rose" pattern, layered pentagons.
Violet: Intertwined star.


Coral & pink: intertwined pentagons
purple: intertwined pentagon and kiku
violet: simple descending herringbone kiku


Purple: 2 intertwined kiku
Violet: 2 different colored interwoven kiku.
Blue: 2 shaded interwoven kiku


I used the set of pearl #8, and was sad that there were only 2 shades of most of the colors. I did get out DMC pearl for the blue shades, since I wanted more than 2. These colors don't really do it for me, but it will be a wonderful help when I teach.

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TemariAddict said...

Jane, this one is lovely. I have a group of girls that I am doing a sampler with... I must have been tuned into your vibe.