Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boxes or Frames?

Here's the temari I was working on last night. I was looking at a temari in the "Temari for 12 Months" book, and this is close, but no cigar. This is a c8 with additional marking lines; the marking lines were no problem, except I think I need to make the final lines (around the squares) in metallic instead of the disappearing white. I practiced them first with my snowflake temari.

The biggest difference is that in the book the squares make frames around the squares, and in this one the colors are too thick, and they make boxes instead. In the book the triangles get 3-point stars and the frames get Japanese characters, written in red. I couldn't think of what to write in red, so at first I wasn't too worried about the openings being so much smaller, but now I don't like the look at all. Does anyone have any suggestions for an inscription? There are 18 spaces.


I'm hoping to make this my last c8 for JTA submission, so it has to be right. I can't work on it tonight either, because I have to wrap temari for my class on Saturday.

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Lelia said...

It looks interesting to me.

I have no ideas on characters or symbols - out of my league.

I'm not sure what to do about the 18 spaces. Hope something comes to mind for you SOON!!!!

Not even sure how you put them on your tamari. maybe you'll find some intresting animals or majong tile motifs?