Friday, January 22, 2010

Sampler Temari

Well, I didn't finish this one last night, but I'm far enough to take a picture without showing any blank spots. I wanted to make this one so I would have examples when I teach the chrysanthemum stitch of the different ways you can treat your stitches. I wanted to be able to say "when you stack your stitches" and point to the green and purple face at 1 o'clock on this picture; or "when you use descending herringbone" (8 o'clock).


This one shows a rose, and a entwined star, the descending herringbone again, and a layered star.



I don't think it is beautiful or especially striking, but I do think it will be very useful. I used #8 pearl thread, and I didn't have as many shades of colors to work with as I would have liked. I do like using the #8, though. I have 2 more faces to do, and I think I have patterns that will work.


BarbSuess said...

Wonderful sampler! Your students are so lucky. I'm sure they will be inspired from all those different designs.

Judy S. said...

Beautiful! I love looking at all your varied temari. That stocking is amazing; I am sure C will just love it. It looks like an amazing amount of work!