Monday, October 4, 2010

Successful show

Yesterday was our Guild show, and I think it was very successful. We had attendance of over 200 people, and we broke even. I think we really raised awareness in our region of the fact that embroidery is alive and well. I took some pictures, trying not to get faces, except where I had permission.

We asked for a donation of $2 entry fee, and provided a program booklet with the committee's names and the names of those who exhibited, and those who donated their time to make "opportunity drawing" items.


We had a display of some of the projects we have taught and worked together from our education programs. I was impressed by all the variety and quantity of work on this table.


We had a Christmas ornament sale, with over 100 ornaments made by members and donated for the sale. Most of the finishing was donated as well!


My last picture is of the member boutique; the guild collected 20% of the sales from this area.


I worked at the Opportunity Drawing table, and of course, I didn't get any pictures of that, or of the exhibit itself. There were some beautiful things displayed!

DD2 and C came to look at things. C was excited because she got to start a needle case. She has already asked me to finish it for her, but I think we will work on it together next time she is over. However, she was very disappointed in the show. In the first place, she didn't think it was fair that the doll dress her grandma made wasn't automatically hers, but she coped with buying a ticket and putting it in the basket for the drawing. She didn't understand that it was a drawing though, when they were ready to leave she asked her mom "When are we going to pick up the dress we bought?" I think I better get busy on the yellow one I promised her.

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