Friday, October 1, 2010

Finished Queen Anne's Lace Temari

I didn't think it would take too long to finish the green and the chickory part of this temari, but I didn't realize it would go this quickly. I stitched grass-like leaves, I finally just went ahead and stitched them with spindles with pearl #5. I added a center of a black french knot (there is always a black "something" in the center of Queen Anne's Lace flowers) and just used ribbon stitch to put in 3 chickory flowers. I may put in one more, but no more than that. I had pictured anywhere from 12 to 20 of them, but I think that would have been too busy.

I think this is the first time I started with an idea, and was successful in making it happen. I am very pleased with the design of this temari... the stitching could use some improvement.

The marking thread I used was Kreinik gold cord. It is very fine, and works well on multi-pole temari. It is a little fragile, and tends to kink, but it leaves plenty of space for other stitching.


No pensaba que tomaría demasiado tiempo para terminar la parte verde y el achicoria de este temari pero no me di cuenta de que rápido terminaría. Borde hojas verdes, que parecen pasto, usando perle No. 5. En el centro de cada flor de Queen Anne's Lace puse un nudo francés. Todas las flores de este tipo que he visto tienen algo negro en ese lugar. Use el punto cinta para hacer tres flores de achicoria. Quizás agregare un mas, pero no mas que eso. Había pensado en agregar 12 o 20 flores de achicoria, pero eso seria mucho demasiado ocupado.

Creo que esta es la primera vez que comencé con un idea, y llego a pasar lo que estaba pensando. Me gusta muchísimo el diseño; el bordado podría mejorar.

El hilo que use para marcar el temari lo hace Kreinik. Es muy pequeño y sirve bien para un temari de muchas caras. El hilo se rompe fácilmente y forma nudos, pero deja lugar para otras puntadas.

This is a picture of one of my photography assistants this morning. I had to remove each of them, at one time or another, before they finally got bored and went to take care of other mischief on their morning agenda.


A friend dropped this off at my door last night, our Guild made the papers! Aren't we all lovely!



Debi said...

Hi Jane,

I've been following your progress on this one. For some reason I didn't realize that it sprung out of the reaches of your mind. It is a wonderful design to be proud of. The ribbon embroidery flowers are a beautiful touch.

Incidentally, I like to use Kreinik cord for marking multis too, esp when I don't want the lines to be too conspicuous. Your description of it is spot on.

Happy day!


Cynthia Nicole said...

Wonderful! I love it, and the originality of the design. You captured the spirit of the flowers.

Moonsilk Stitches said...

I am really impressed!Your design concept came out beautiful! I can't wait to see it in person.

MOM said...

It is lovely. The two flowers along roads and in vacant lots I find very pleasing.

Beth said...

That turned out wonderful!! You have a great designing eye to envision something and then make it happen. Congratulations.

Great that you made the papers as well. Now you are published both on the web and on paper - kudos!!

BarbSuess said...

So beautiful Jane and just like the flower. The color combo is very appealing. I can see a bowlful of temari in those colors :) Excellent stitching!
Congrats on a big finish.

Eseya, Muñecas con historia said...

Te quedo espectacular!! Me encanta el diseño. Ya quiero agregarle bordado a las bolas!


Plays with Needles said...

I found you via Denise at CraftGossip. Just wanted to tell you that this is absolutely lovely. I like the addition of embroidery to the traditional temari design. Keep up the great work! Susan

Laura B said...

This is really quite stunning. I've been working on a multi for quite some time. Maybe yours will give me the impetus to get mine done!!

Beautifully done!!