Sunday, October 24, 2010


This was the weekend of our "All 'D' Annual Meeting" our family get-together in Grand Rapids. All five siblings were there, 80% of the grand-kids, and all of the great-grand-kids. We usually drive up for the day, and it is usually a beautiful drive because of the changing colors.

It was our usual dreary day, but not too cold for the kids to run around outside on the veranda. Mom tried to vary our usual menu of Corn bread and chili con carne, but there was such a protest that they changed the menu back. Everyone brings food, and we had tons of left-overs. We spend a couple of hours eating and talking.

We decided to invite other 'D' cousins who live in the Michigan area, so that was even more fun. My cousin R came in with her international students, and they got to try golfing. My cousin S came as well, and brought me a gift I want to tell you about tomorrow. My SIL took the little kids minigolfing on the same property we were on, and they had loads of fun too.

Those of us who aren't terribly athletic participated in the annual craft project instead. My sister brought origami paper (some beautiful washabi paper) and we made ornaments. These are the ones I came up with.


And this is my favorite one. I love the color and the way the bead matches. Thank you V for sharing your origami paper.


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MOM said...

Thanks J for coming and all the rest. We really look forward to this day every year. We are tired but happy and now it's on to AZ. "It's tough living in AZ in the winter, but somebodys got to do it!"