Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Last week, when my parents came to visit, they brought me a box full of goodies. My mom has been down-sizing for some years already, and she brought me some things she thought I would like.

The biggest and heaviest item is this case holding knitting needles and crochet hooks.


I won't list everything, but there's everything from a set of crochet hooks from size 0 to size 10, plus 2 huge ones; a hairpin lace loom, 25 sets of regular knitting needles, 10 sets of double sided needles, various bobbins, stitch counters and holders, and this lovely needle holder that I made for a mother's day present when I was in grade school.


I didn't even count the needles in this holder! It still looks very nice, considering its age! LOL

Next in the box were two crocheted doilies.



The top one is made with sparkly green thread, similar to the thread I used to make my temari ornaments. It needs to be starched and blocked. I'm not quite sure what shape the bottom one will be, it also needs to be blocked. It looks a little spidery this way.

There are two large curtain panels with a crocheted edging all the way along the side. My mom had asked my grandmother to make them for her guest-room once, it was one of the last things my grandmother made.


The edging is quite a chunky flower, really pretty. The panels form a valance and hang down on either side of the window; I wonder if I can find a place to display them.

Then there is a hand-towel with a nice lace edge, and a round tablecloth that my mom's landlady gave her when my folks were first married. My mom mended it, cut a slit in it, and used it for a christmas tree skirt for years and years.


I'm thinking of using the material and the embroidery to make an heirloom dress either for Isabella, or for my doll, Ruthie. My friend (Moonsilk Stitches) gave me a book with patterns for 18" dolls, and one of the prettiest dresses is made from an old petticoat.

Thank you mom, for all the goodies. But I really down't have to wonder any more why my sewing room is so full I can hardly turn around in it. (Mom did help me do some sorting when she was here, and we discovered that the carpet is beige!)


Beth said...

That is really special!! You are lucky that you got these in time to show your mom how much you appreciated them. I was the only stitcher in my family, so when my mom passed, I got all her goodies. She really only knitted, but she had a ton of yarn and needles and pattern books. It really ballooned my craft room too!!

Gina said...

Those chunky roses look like they might be Irish Crochet. I couldn't really get a good look though. What a treasure!

Temari Addict Australia said...

What a treasure trove of goodies. LOL about your carpet... I forget the colour of mine too.
Rebecca from Perth

MOM said...

Gina, I think that they are Irish lace, with two-layer roses. Grandma was ever patient with [odd] requests. These were about 8 ft. strings of roses before I sewed them on the fabric, and I don't think she got to see the finished product.

Lelia said...

I found a blog with hairpin lace instructions w/pictures and also located a book at Erica's in south bend.

If you are interested, let me know & I'll send you links.

I have yet to pick up the hairpinlace loom - but will one wintery day