Monday, August 23, 2010

Tatted lace for Hankies

I think I am getting ahead of myself. Now that I've learned to do a little bit of tatting, I went looking for my hankies from my grandma D. I found 4 tatted ones (and 2 hairpin lace ones, and a handful of crochet ones, but I didn't count those). I hadn't looked at these in so long that they were kind of sad, and a little discolored. I washed them last night, and ironed them, and they came out as crisp as if they were new.

The top one is the simple edging that I've been able to make for years. The second and the fourth ones are a variation on the "hens and chicks" pattern that I should be able to make; I learned the techniques in lesson 2. I really like the variegated thread of number 2!


Number 3 is also worked with variegated thread, and is actually in the worst shape. It has a 3-inch section where the lace is gone, but what is left is very pretty. It is a ring and chain pattern that I haven't attempted yet.

However, none of these is the pattern I was looking for. Then I remembered my album with all my grandma's samples and swatches in it, and there it was, about 1 inch wide, but enough to tell what the pattern would be. It is 3 rows of small rings with long unworked threads between them (almost in a netting pattern) and a row of chain around the outside. It always seemed so delicate to me. I'll try to get a picture of the sample tomorrow.

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