Friday, August 13, 2010

Shopping at home

I went shoppping for notions in my sewing room last night, and found quite a few different things.

I was looking for the notions I needed to make the smocked dress. I found cording to make the piping, which surprised me, because I don't remember ever making piping before. (That is one of the things I am procrastinating about.) I found the tiny buttons I need for the front of the bodice. I found a perfect match for sewing thread. I did not find a good lace to use to trim the sleeves. I found about 6 inches of a lace that would work, but I need 12 inches. I found a chunkier lace with enough length, but the scale is all wrong. Lace is the one thing I wasn't worried about! I found a bottle of ribbons, and a tub of trims, but I haven't found my stash of lace yet. There's got to be some in there!

I did cut out the pattern, so I am making progress.


Earlier this week I ordered a tatting DVD; tatting is something I've always wanted to do, but haven't learned yet. I didn't order the inexpensive tatting shuttle they recommended, because of the shipping charges, which were more than the shuttle itself. I am very glad, though, because look what I found!


The yellow shuttle is loaded with pearl #5, but the wood shuttle is beautiful! It looks like it is hand-crafted, it has a hook, and it is stored in a cardboard tube that fits it perfectly. I also found Cebelia thread that should tat up very nicely... now if my order would arrive!

I found and organized my crochet hooks. I had picked up a stash of crochet hooks at our guild garage sale, from someone's estate. Previously my smallest hook was a size 4, now I have a size 14! Most of the ones I picked up I did not have before, so that was a very good find. If I had started earlier, I could have crocheted a lace edging for the smocked dress sleeves.

I found the silk ribbons I had wanted to use on my current temari (before I got distracted by my new threads from Japan). I found a whole fist-full of bias tapes to use for thimble bases.

Maybe I should go shopping at home more often! It's a lot of work, though, this store isn't very organized.


MOM said...

Shall we organize while the carpenters are working on the porch? But then they might need go-fers.

Lelia said...

Good going Jane!!!! And shuttles, too : ) I learned with a large shuttle (like you have in photo) and usually use plastic shuttles.

Some shuttles don't have the 'hook' & you can use a crochet hook for joins

I didn't know you wanted to learn how to tat! Linda at house of stitches showed me the ropes. She is really great with instructing.

I used Learn to Tat by Janette Baker CD (and book) & I think the book called The Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones was helpful. I didn't realize there were many ways to tat & different things to learn.

just my two cents