Monday, August 16, 2010

Doll dress, and tatting

The piping and the pleats you can see in this picture are what have been scaring me about making this dress. Now that they are out of the way, the rest should go without too much trouble.


JoAnn's had the narrow lace I needed, so that is taken care of too.

My tatting book came on Friday, and since I had the supplies out, I did lesson one right away. This is a chain, and it is sort of what I didn't know how to do before. I could do rings, but nothing else, and now, this book starts with the chain. (The home-work was to make a chain a foot long! This is only about 2 inches long, though. I might take this to music practice tonight instead of my crochet, or I might start lesson 2, rings!)


Two minutes after taking this picture our Golden Retriever Jake looked into the studio (the seat of my stitchy chair) and his mind registered "Ball!" So he took off with the ball of thread, dragging the shuttle and the tatting behind him. Fortunately DH was in the room and rescued it. Usually Jake is okay about leaving my stitching alone; I have lost a couple of balls/spools of thread, but we try to keep things out of his reach. (No Kleenex is safe, even if it is out of his reach, but that's another story.) I can see that I will have to devise a different way of storing my tatting.

It's the start of another busy week. Have a good one!


Gina said...

You're off to a great start! Now I don't know whether to add you to my tatting blog or my lace & embroidery blog!

Laura B said...

I love the smocking. Takes me back to my childhood, my mother smocked my dresses.

Laura B

Lelia said...

Way to go on the doll dress/smocking and the tatting.

Chains are ok - secret is to try to keep an even tension. I think rings are easier (just my opinion). I feel like I have more control of the rings.