Friday, May 7, 2010

Vacation textiles

Still no stitching to report, but I did design (in my head) a temari for an all-day workshop for my HEG guild. It will be interesting, good for very good stitchers who are beginning temari makers, and doable in a 1-day workshop. The main thing I'm wondering about is if I should provide the pearl cotton colors (all will be similar colors) or if I should let people pick their own colors. I also expressed an interest in a couple of Stitch-alongs on the Temari Kai board, so those will be coming up as well.

In Arizona, my mom likes to go to estate sales. While we were packing up the house (everything that could melt goes in the fridge (think candles); extra water for drain traps that might evaporate; batteries out of everything they can think of; furniture covered with dust covers) she asked me to wrap up the temari and gave me this dish towel to wrap them in. I love embroidered dish towels, and when I admired it she gave it to me to take home, and provided a plain one to wrap the temari.

This cheerful rooster is cleaning on Thursday. There are straight stitches, outline stitches, cross stitch and blanket stitch. I also really like the little crocheted edging! Thank you mom!


At one of the tourist stores I picked up this "zerape" (serape). It's not authentic, but I love the bright colors.


Hopefully I will have some stitching to show next week. I can feel the need to pick up a needle growing... I was worrying about my lack of interest but it's still there.

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MOM said...

I will miss that rooster a little, even though I use micro-fiber when I have to dry a dish (what heresy) but am happy to make another contribution to your stash.