Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vacation temari

I took along some temari-making supplies, but I was having more fun reading. I stitched this in a couple of evenings. This side is sort of a spiro-graph design. There are two 5-point stars (4/10 period?) and another band (3/10) that hits all the points. Then I worked the color changes for the stars in toward the center, and the color changes for the bands out toward the equator. It's quite impressive looking for not too much work.


This is the other side of the same temari. I attempted to copy Joan's double-5 point star. I think I know where I went wrong. My points are equidistant from each other, but I think the points should be 1/30th and 2/30ths apart from each other. I will have to try this one again.


However, instead of going home and stitching tonight, I'm on my way to the bookstore after work. You can look at what I'm reading on Shelfari, if you are interested.

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