Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Temari Stitch-along

Here's the picture I promised of my bracelet next to the thimbles. I let the thimbles hang together so they wouldn't feel intimidated by the bracelet looming over them.


I was looking at "Nana Akua's" temari on Flickr (here) and I found a temari I really liked. Several people expressed an interest in stitching it along with me, so here we go.

It is a 32 face temari. Here's my marked mari. I have to number the pentagons and hexagons with tags pinned in each space. Unfortunately, the thread catches on the pins when you are stitching, but you have to keep the order straight to have the pattern turn out right.


The next step is to start stitching. The light pink is threaded, but I am going to start stitching Kikus with the dark pink (5 layers of pink in all) on the short lines of the pentagons and hexagons. There are 4 layers of the yellow/white star stitched on the long lines, and the two color families alternate. The example is stitched with 2 strands held together, but my mari is smaller and wouldn't fit that much stitching, so I will stitch with one strand at a time, even though I may need more rounds. We shall have to see how things fit.

Next time I will talk about where the points of the kiku land for each color family.


We went to the Carole King and James Taylor concert last night. It was fantastic! Unfortunately, with the parking and traffic we didn't get home until after midnight. I'm going to have trouble staying awake in meetings today.


TemariAddict said...

I haven't got mine wrapped/marked yet but will do so in the next day or so. I think I am going to use perle 8 for it. Love the colours you picked out.

Also your bracelet is awesome. Did you use a wooden bangle as the base?
Rebecca from Perth

Jane said...

Hi Rebecca,
The bracelet base was a plastic bracelet from a craft company called "Oriental Trading Company" but I couldn't find any more yesterday when I went looking on-line. Laura from our JTA class gave it to me when we stopped in to see her in New Mexico.

Debi said...

Wow! Jane your bracelet is wonderful! I'm going to have to try one of those at some point.

I can't stitch along with you right now :-( but I had a thought about the pattern. This might be a good one to do an hhg type of path for so that you don't have to keep all the pins in to keep track of your layering. I can't say for sure how it will work since some of the kikus meet three to a corner but it might be worth thinking about a little (if you like that sort of thing and dislike having pins in as much as I do).

You could at least do an hhg path on the orange layer but that won't help much with the pins if you have to keep them in for the yellow layer anyway.

Just brainstorming for a momment. :-) Happy stitching!

TemariAddict said...

Funny you mentioned hhg type Debi, that is what I was wondering. But then all the splits look the same to me so I thought that it must have been stitched as individual shapes.

Also Jane what size is your ball? I see you are using Perle cotton. It looked like the original was done in flattened floss but I think you are right on the money saying it is stitched with double thread. Can you see the centers have several different metallics? I can see red, silver and black but maybe it is just a colour reflection of something in front of the ball.

Anonymous said...

I am not stitching along, but wanted to say how much I LOVE your bracelet. It's super! It looks perfect next to your thimbles.