Monday, May 24, 2010

Finally! A Finish!

So I finally finished my bracelet. After looking at the picture, I realize I should have put something in for scale. Maybe I will take another picture with one of the "normal" size thimbles in the middle, it would look like a minnow next to a whale. This is 3 to 3 1/2 inches across. I can't quite get it over my hand, but it will make a wonderful temari stand.

I used Pearl #12 for the stitching. It's the first time I had used Anchor pearl, and I really liked it. I could give it a real hard tug and it held well, and I like the range of colors. The bracelet I stitched over was a hard white plastic, and was contoured as if it was padded, so I didn't add any additional padding.


Laura gave me the bracelet form I stitched on in New Mexico. She had ordered it from Oriental Trading Company, but I can't find it on-line now. I started stitching soon after I got home from vacation and had been plugging away since then. All of a sudden on Friday I started to see what the finished product was going to look like, and then I got my enthusiasm back. I am very pleased with it. I got oohs and aahs from my family too.

I had a little trouble with uneven gaps at the end, I had one area that was closing off quickly, and a couple of other ones where I had to spread out the stitching more than I wanted to in order to fill the gaps. If I make this pattern again, I will mark more divisions on the pattern, just so I have a guide and can make adjustments throughout the stitching, not just at the end.


Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

Jane , I love the colours, looks fantastic!

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