Friday, February 5, 2010

Two Finishes

I finished this hat on Wednesday night. I've been taking it "on the road" crocheting in the down time of preparing the visuals for church every week. DH is a musician in the praise bands at our church and I try to make sure the song words flow smoothly on the AV screens. I'm hoping the mitten crochet is straightforward enough to do during this time slot. You do have to pay attention to what is going on around you, and be able to stop and start a lot. I tried cross stitch, but there is not enough light by the computer, but crocheting works great.


This hat turned out too big. At first it was too small and I took out a dozen rows, and went overboard the other way. Does anyone know if cotton thread shrinks if you wash it in hot water? I know dish-rags don't get smaller. I also have the possibility of adding an elastic thread to the edge to make it fit better.

The same night, after we got home, I finished the knit mittens. The embellishment came last night after I consulted with C. She picked the colors for the red and green antenna, and was pretty excited about the plastic eyes. The mittens turned out big; I might try fulling or felting them a little bit but I don't want them to get too small.


After I finished them I noticed her sitting on the sofa cuddling her cheeks with them. I think she likes them! Unfortunately my camera wasn't out, and also, it was too dark to get a good picture.

I'm working on a GITS temari, so you know I won't be able to show a picture until after it reaches its destination. I really like how it is turning out. I'm getting close to finishing.


Moonsilk Stitches said...

I haven't notice cotton yarn shrinking--but I also haven't tried washing it in really hot water either. To full the mittens a bit, have her try them on at various times in the process. Wash them a bit, try them on, if they're still big, dry them a bit and try on. Hopefully she'll like "helping."

Anonymous said...

Love these mittens...they are adorable and I can see someone sitting and cuddling with them!

好生活 said...