Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today I will be responding to requests and questions.

My fans (thanks mom!) want to know how big the thimbles are. Here is a picture of them on my hand. (My hands are not beautiful, but they are capable, and I'm very grateful for them.)

This is where they would sit on your fingers to use them as thimbles, pushing the needle from the front or from the side.


DH wants me to show you why the mittens are as warm as they are. They have floats added in on the inside with very bulky yarn. The floats are why they keep their shape so well also. The pattern called for skeined roving, but this bulky yarn works fine. The yarn shop didn't carry any roving.


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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic post. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May you have many more and lots of blessings. Gorgeous roses! The temari is SUPER! I love the colors. And the thimbles are superb. Perhaps you could teach a class on these? I would love to come. I adore these little thimbles. Have a super make it a super birthday week!!!