Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Temari ball

I gathered all my notes and pictures into one place to make a Temari notebook. While I was at it, I numbered all my balls just out of curiosity. This one is number 27!

There are three different types of intersections on this ball: places where 4 bands meet, where 3 bands meet, and where 2 bands meet. The instructions showed how to work the interweaving at the bands where 4 and 3 bands meet, but did not show anything where the 2 bands meet. I thought if I consistently worked the 2-band meeting the same way it would turn out. Nope! it turns out you have to be careful your ball is turned the same way each time you work a 2-band. So I did the same thing the pattern writer did, I covered those intersections with the embroidered daisies (they are just straight stitches with a french knot in the middle). I wonder if she had the same problem? The difficulty is that I don't know how many "over" and "under" intersections I are going to have until after most of the weaving is done, and by then I have messed up.


In the pattern the mari was black, and the marking stitches were not showing, but I didn't have a perle cotton that matched my mari perfectly. I tried to make it inconspicuous. I do like how this one turned out.


Marjorie said...

This is a really cool design. If you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have thought the flowers were covering up something. If you did another one in this pattern, you could use this one to count the overs and unders before stitching. Marjorie

Cathy B said...

This Temari ball and the one in your last post are really, REALLY, beautiful!