Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crayon Temari

This is my latest temari, made while I was hibernating from our snowy (yesterday), frigid (today) weather.


The base is cone thread, marked with black perle, and stitched with 6 colors of DMC perle. It was fun and quick to make, but now I wish I had made my bands thicker. It looks a little sparse. It is my crayon temari because I used the primary and secondary colors (the main ones that come in the box of 8 crayons).

It is a c10. I tried to use the v-ruler (or angle ruler). I had the length measurement right, but I wasn't too accurate on the angle. The ruler I am using is printed on paper. I think I have to laminate one to keep the angle more rigid. The v-ruler "should be" a simple way to mark a c10 mari, but I need to keep practicing.

I know I was complaining earlier in the week about not having any time to stitch. The weather has helped with that situation. I stayed home 2 nights in a row because of the snow and cold.


MOM said...

Yeah, I read it and really enjoy seeing the things come off the "press". Just keep a bunch of WIP's rather than the reason you got them all done before (15 yrs?!?!)

Anonymous said...

Gee, my first impression wasn't at all that it seemed "sparse." I was just struck by the wonderfully vibrant colors against that black base. Yes, "Crayon Temari" is a perfect name!