Tuesday, January 6, 2009

12th Day of Christmas


VS Myrrh

Here's the latest Temari ball, and I think it turned out great. The base is cone thread, it is a s16 division with DMC spool metallic for the marking thread, and DMC #5 perle for the embroidery. I thought I was copying one of the Temari from "4 seasons" while I was stitching, but when I was done I went back and looked and the color arrangement is different. (It is actually sort of a combination of 3 different ones.) I really like how it turned out.


This is the first Temari I stitched with doubled thread; I think it took longer to make sure the threads were arranged smoothly than it would have taken to just stitch it twice with single threads. It was good practice, though.

I'm taking a pile of Temari to my guild tonight; I wonder what people will think of them.


Paula Hewitt said...

this is wonderful - Im sure your EG group will be thrilled.

Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated by your Temari finishes, and I'm betting your fellow needleworkers will be as well. The latest finish is quite nice. Love the colors.