Thursday, December 10, 2009

N is for Nose

This page is fun! You can make a lot of funny noses with the shape of the chain, and so playing here often leads to giggling.


While perusing different sites on the Internet today, I ran across this one: Embroidery and Embroider which has an abundance of Assisi patterns and other goodies on it. I started the Master craftsman Program through EGA for counted thread several years ago, and got to the second step. At that point I came to a screeching halt, because I couldn't find an Assisi pattern to work. Now that I have found these, I might send in step number 2.

I added a couple more rows of Very Velvet to my thread challenge temari last night, and I think it looks a little better. It is a very pretty ball, that didn't photograph well at all. I think I will try to get a picture tomorrow in the daylight. I started a re-make of the previous temari, with a gray base and floss, but still in the same colors. It shocked me by how much I was enjoying the stitching; I like floss! All I had heard was that floss is so finicky to stitch with on temari, but I should have known that my enjoyment of stitching with floss would come through on temari as well as in cross stitch. This discovery opens up all kinds of doors (and windows) with the color range that is available with floss. My mind is racing!

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