Monday, December 7, 2009

K is for Kite

For the kite, you have to tie the ribbon into a knot. It is a very quick activity, and I don't think it is any one's favorite, even though I love the ribbon used for the tail.


I had a very nice weekend. It was not as restful as some, but I accomplished quite a bit. On Saturday afternoon I had a temari class, so all morning I was filled with adrenaline. I got quite a bit of cleaning done. The class went very well. All five students almost finished their temari, and I love looking at all the colors. I did remember to get a picture this time.


I was very proud of all of them. My teaching improved as well, so practice makes perfect for that too. It did help to have a smaller class.

Sunday was as usual until the afternoon. Then I accompanied C to practice for her first Sunday School pageant. She was thrilled to find out she would be wearing a costume, and totally happy to be a shepherd. (She's in green in the center of this picture.) I really like this picture, this is the whole Sunday school all dressed up: Mary & Joseph, 2 sheep and 4 shepherds, 2 wise men, and 3 angels. The two girls who don't have costumes on are narrators. The older kids participated as well, and they all did a wonderful job. Next Sunday is the program, and C is so excited! She was worried at first about going up "on stage," I think mostly because she didn't know what that meant.


She loved her costume. Here she is getting ready to take it off afterwards, along with P who came with to supervise.


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Congratulations on another successful class!