Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just call me Wimpy

I wimped out last night. I was working away; I have 4 mari wrapped. I have the colors picked. I have a pattern picked to start the first one. The only thing left to do was pick up the needle and start marking, but I picked up the computer instead and played solitaire for the rest of the night.

It's okay! If I mess up a temari, I just have to make another one, and I don't even have to show anyone, or even post it on my blog. It's just that I want these 4 to be perfect, and perfectionism usually blocks my creativity.

I'll try again tonight, and will at least mark the first one. I know I can do that!


Lelia said...

I know exactly what you mean -- striving to be perfect does squash creativity. Hard to play when we are working!!!

Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

They will be perfect I am sure :))))

Marjorie said...

And sometimes you just need a break and a bit of a breather. Then you can take a deep breath and create perfectly.

Pat Winter said...

Hi Jane, you won the mini CQ brooch on my blog giveaway for 200th follower. I see Lelia and Marjorie commented here. Are you a NANI member? If so, cool,small world. I need your address please.

Pat Winter said...

Jane, You won the 200th post prize which is a mini CQ brooch.I need your address.

TemariAddict said...

I understand, I am suffering temari performance anxiety myself (TPA)!! I had not made a single stitch since deciding to pursue JTA and getting my pack from Barb. But late last week I began 3 new projects. One , a gift, has been given away already and the second one has 2 rows to go and the third - well it's wrapped and looking for a design. I have decided to just play temari instead of work at temari making.