Sunday, September 20, 2009

C's Temari

I told you how C picked out colors for her own temari several weeks ago, and then was very disappointed in me when I wasn't ready immediately to stitch it with her. I made the mari, and collected everything needed in a bag, and put it away. When C got here yesterday she was helping me stitch my flower temari, and said "What about my ball?" Grandma was so proud to have everything all ready for her.

C helped with the stitching, but she liked putting the thread through the keeper pins the most. It made a little popping sound when it went in. Grandma did have to do most of the stitching. C also enjoyed taking out the pins and putting them back in the pin cushion.


The last time I saw the temari it was clutched in her hand as she was being carried to bed. I think she liked it.

This is a picture of C with auntie J on Sunday. (This is shortly after the delivery of the beads!) Aren't these a pair of cuties?



Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

Fun looking temari, and two beautiful ladies! :)

Rebecca said...

Could you tell me where you found the pattern for your temari. I love it and it looks like even I might be able to do it.

Rebecca L.