Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moonsilk Stitches give-away

This is the beautiful purse I won on Moonsilk Stitches blog for her birthday give-away. It is gorgeous!


The inside has a very special lining of this starry fabric, it is silky smooth.


Everything is prepared for the next time C expresses an interest in stitching. The colors, mari, and everything else needed is all gathered together in a special bag. Thank you Paula for the suggestion!


My pictures turned out blurry again! I cleaned the lens (duh!) but if the pictures keep coming out like this I may have to look into getting a new camera.


Winding these mari was about all I could do last night after a doctor's visit. I also found the ones I had prepared when we went on vacation, so I should be set for a while. I have a list of temari I want to stitch:

1. grand daughter C's rainbow (see above)
2. Day lily for R&M, that reminds me of their beautiful garden. The temari I make won't be as beautiful.
3. variation on the all-over pattern (same marking and colors, different stitch order).
4. Star GITS (I have the pattern picked out).
5. begin working on temari for JTA (Japan Temari Association) certification.

This is after the doctor's visit near downtown:


We're casual! Leaning against the car, enjoying our Italian Ice. It was C's treat; I love how he is looking over his sun-glasses. He thought leaning against the car with DH was pretty cool. (Our daughter J watches him, so we see him quite often.)

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